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  1. Logo & monogram
  2. Typography
  3. Colors
  4. Usage examples
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Logo & monogram

SimpleShop's brand can be represented two ways:

A wordmark reading "SimpleShop", accompanied of price tag attached to the initial 'S'. This is the prefered representation.SimpleShop logo

A monogram consisting of the initial 'S' with the attached price tag This should be used when space is more limited (eg. social media avatar, favicons...) It can also be used as a decorative elementSimpleShop monogram

Each is provided in different color schemes to accomodate the different situations you'll need to use them.

Full color

In most situations, you can display multiple colors and can use the full color version of the wordmark and monogram.

SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram
SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram


Monochrome versions have been provided for use when multiple colors is impossible or needs to be avoided (eg. screenprinting multiple colors on a t-shirt adds cost for each color).

SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram
SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram

Black and white

When color is just not available, you can use these black (over light backgrounds) or white (over dark backgrounds) renderings of the wordmark and monograms

SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram
SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram

Usage recommendations

Ensure you leave enough space around the wordmark or monogram. The files have been prepared with recommended padding around the graphic elements.

Make sure the logo is displayed big enough to remain recognizable. The wordmark and monogram have been designed to be displayed at small sizes. However, they can only remain recognizable to a point. Avoid displaying them with a height smaller than 50px;

Always scale the logo proportionnaly. Do not stretch or squash it.

Do not alter the colors set on the wordmark and the monogram.

When placing the logo on a colored background or complex background, use a monochrome or black and white version of the logo. This will ensure all parts of the logo remain visible. Make sure the chosen color (dark, light, black or white) provides enough contrast with the background.

SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram
SimpleShop logo
SimpleShop monogram



Headers Raleway SemiBold Raleway Bold
Content Raleway-Medium Raleway-SemiBold
UI Yuppi!Boo!Watch out!Attention!

Note: As shown in the table, light text on dark background will appear bolder than dark one on a light background. When possible, use a font one weight lighter for the light text.

Headings scale

Heading 1 - Raleway-SemiBold - 36px

Heading 2 - Raleway-SemiBold - 28px

Heading 3 - Raleway-SemiBold - 21px

Heading 4 - Raleway-SemiBold - 18px

Heading 5 - Raleway Medium - 18px

Copy - 16px


SimpleShop Dark

RGB 52, 57, 61
Hex #34393d

SimpleShop Light

RGB 249, 241, 231
Hex #f9f1e7

SimpleShop Blue

RGB 65, 192, 203
Hex #41c0cb

SimpleShop Brown

RGB 106, 75, 61
Hex #6a4b3d

SimpleShop Black

RGB 35, 39, 42
Hex #23272a

Usage examples


Admin area

App icon


In this archive, you'll find the image files for both SimpleShop's wordmark and monogram. For each, you'll get a SVG file in each of the colors presented above. You'll also find a series of favicons, to be used for SimpleShop's website, as well as an app icon (if the need arises).

Download SimpleShop brand assets!

Designed with care by Romaric Pascal (trading name of Rhumaric Ltd.)